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At Roofers Cumbernauld, We have been providing quality roofing for the people of Cumbernauld for more than 30 years now. Roofers Cumbernauld is one best-known roofer with trained professionals who are licensed and insured. A roof that is installed well stays strong for years to come. It would need fewer repairs and provide good insulation for your house.

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It is important that you take care of your roof if you want to have a beautiful looking, energy-efficient house. Roofers Cumbernauld understands the importance of having a good quality roof, that is why we use the best quality material during installations and repair. We install and repair roofs for commercial and residential properties. There is no roof that we can’t install. Whether you want to install a shingle roof, metal roof, tile roof, flat roof, or some other kind of roof, just let us know and we will install it for you.

Services We Provide

Tiled Roofing

Tile is one of the most common roofing materials and rightfully so. Tile as a material is the quite resistant high-velocity wind, hail storm, and fire damage. During bad weather tile roofing performs much better than a shingle roof. The clay material of the tile is great for insulation. In hot weather it can keep the temperature inside the house lower while doing the opposite for cooler temperature. They are quite effective in radiating UV rays and reflecting it back than absorbing and heating up like much other roofing material. The tile roof doesn’t take as much maintenance or repair. Tile roofs are quite durable in nature. Once you have installed a tiles roof, expect for occasionally cleaning the roof, there is hardly anything it would need. Tile roofs are also highly resistant to pest damage. Environmentally conscious people also gravitate towards tiled roofs. It gives them the freedom to have a beautiful roof without compromising our environment. Not to mention, clay and concrete tiles are available in many different styles and colors, ensuring that you can choose something that goes with the overall aesthetics of your house. When you are planning to install a tile roof, make sure to consult a roofing expert. You can give us a call and our expert will come to your house and answer all your queries. They can check the site, see what material will be repaired, the kind of service you need, and provide you an estimated amount.

Slated Roofing

Slate roofs last a very long time and are considered to be great roofing material for residential usage. Slates are natural rocks that are cut to become thin slate-like material used for covering your roof. Slated roofing is one of the oldest roofing materials since they are naturally accessible and last for over 100 years. Unlike tiles, slate roofs don’t need baking or any kind of extra processing, They are simply mined from the rock mines. Slate tiles are aesthetically beautiful, they give your house a rugged yet elegant look. Slate makes your roof highly resistant to water, fire, and natural elements. They will not move or get damaged in bad weather such as high-velocity wind and hail storms. They are good at managing low temperatures and giving your house the much-needed insulation. Man-made manufactured slate can also be used in the place of natural slate to lower the price and weight of the slate on your roof. Our team will have all the necessary equipment and tools to safely install or repair slate roofs for your house. We give you warranty with the installation so you can be assured you are getting the best service possible.

Roof Repair 

Our roof repair Cumbernauild company has years of experience repairing residential and commercial roofs. No matter the size and kind of roof you have, we will fix it for you. We repair all kinds of issues with your roof. If you need shingle repair, renail the shingle in place, remove and replace old shingle with new, we can do that. Especially after bad weather when your roofs are in bad condition, parts of your roof are broken, we come inspect and subsequently fix whatever the issues are. We can check your roof for leaks, and if we find any we will install a waterproofing layer to it. We will replace or repair the flashing around the chimney, skylight and the seams. We can replace broken tiles, cracked, or chipped slate tiles or any other kind of roof. If you see your roof has lost granules and is losing its strength, we will make sure the roof is restored to its original condition. We will also repair your roof from tree damage. Even a slight rush of wind could knock off a swath of tiles or flash from your roof if a tree is especially overgrown. To see if they can refer you to a trustworthy tree trimmer, call a roof repair company when your trees get too tall. We fix the gutter, tile, shingle, metal roof panels and other issues that your roof might make. We are prompt with our service and do our job with utmost dedication. Give us a call today to get free estimates.

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When you hire professionals they will use proper technique to install, repair, and maintain your roof. This will save you from future repairs, leaks, and bad roofs in the future. Our team will bring in all the necessary equipment and tools to install durable roofs for you. We understand the importance your roof holds for you. From static ventilation, nailing the roof, weatherproofing it, installing flashing, we take care of all the aspects that come with your roof. Your roof life is dependent on how the initial installation was done and the quality of subsequent repairs and maintenance. The good thing is we take installations and repairs seriously. Our team has years of experience in the field of roofing in Cumbernauld, and we work towards making our customers satisfied with our services.


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