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Tiled roofing is a favorite of many due to the number of benefits it provides. There not one but multiple advantages of installing a tile roof. Tile roofs in many ways are cheaper than metal with the same level of durability.

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Tile Roof Repair And Maintenance

Along with installation, we also provide repair and maintenance. When you need reliable maintenance that stays with you for years to come and save you money in the long run, you can trust us. At Roofers Cumbernauld we will make sure you get the best looking tile roof at an affordable price when you hire us.

Tile is made of clay that is baked in the furnace. In the end, you get this brownish-red slate that can vary in shape, design, and size. The meticulous placement of the tiles on the roof makes them stay there without falling off the slanting roof.

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Some Of The Advantages Of Having a Tiled Roof

They Are Beautiful

Tile roofs bring in an aesthetic beauty that not any type of roof can. Their variety of sty;e gives you the option to choose the best for you. They have a unique look that only comes with tiles. It’s a simple and appealing look of having symmetric and beautiful looking roofs. Many people prefer the look of a tile roof than any other type of roof, because of it’s unique and classic aesthetics.


Tile roofs are one of the most durable types of roof material. If not disturned, a tile roof can stay strong and steady for more than 50 years. The structure of your house may start to rot but the tile will stay in place. This is also the fact that they don’t get damaged by pests and environmental conditions.

Resistant To Natural Elements

Tiles are resistant to water, and changing temperature. They wouldn’t easily crack or get damaged unlike many other types of roof available for residences. They don’t rot, fly off in high wind and weather under UV rays. The only issue it might have is mold. However, by proper treatment with professionals, you can get rid of it as well.

Fire Resistance

Tiles are highly resistant to fire. They don’t catch fire as easily. They are literally non-combustible.

Energy Efficient

Tiles are highly insulating material. They give your roof good insulation and keep the temperature of your house locked. You will save a lot of money on heating or cooling when you install tile roofs.

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Why Should You Hire Professionals For Tile Roof Installations?

Tiles are heavy material. They need experts for proper installation. Anyone who does not have the knowledge or experience if installing tile roofs will mess it up. As a company that has years of experience in roof services, you can trust us to install the tile roof using tried and tested methods. We will make sure your tile roof is properly sealed and is rigid in structure. Our team will bring in all the tools and safety equipment to do the work with the utmost care.


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