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A slate roof is one of the oldest types of roofing material in the UK. Old houses mostly had slate tiles. The slates were mine rocks cut into tile shaped and installed on the roof for the strong and durable roof.

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Whether you have an old slate roof or want to install a new one, we are here for you. Slate roofs can stay durable for more than 100 years due to it’s made and material. The natural stone material is hard to weather and gets damaged. Slate tiles are heavy stable against bad weather, hail storms or heavy winds. Water and fire don’t harm it as well. They give your house a traditional and elegant look that other types of modern roofs don’t.
Roof Replacement

Our company will install a slate roof that looks great. Our highly trained professionals who will wear the needed safety harness, suit, and shoes to climb your roof, will install the roof with ease. At Roofers Cumbernauld we have trained and licensed professionals to do this job so you can be assured you are getting the best out of it. If the slate tile is what you need for your roof, call our expert to get your roof structure checked. If the roof structure is not strong enough, we might have to reinforce the roof before installing the slate.

If you have a historic home, a family home perhaps with more than 100 years old slate roof, we can restore it to its original looks. Not many roofing companies will help you with it. Our slate experts will take pictures of the existing roof, and make sure the restored roof represents the feel and design of the original roof. Since original slates were built from cutting and splitting natural stones, they were extremely heavy and not as effective as roof material. That is why modern slates are manufactured in factories. These slates look and feel the same as traditional slate but these are stronger and more durable while being lighter than natural slate.

The natural weathering of the roofing slate expresses itself as a gradual chipping and scaling mechanism along the planes of cleavage. Thin paper laminations flake off the slate surface and when the inner layers begin to come apart or delaminate, the slate becomes soft and spongy.

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If you notice signs of deterioration in your slate roof, give us a call. We will repair and maintain the roof with new slates without changing the looks of your roof. This way you can keep the aesthetics while strengthening the roof. When we repair your slate roof we make sure new slate, conform to the scale, shape, texture, and weathered color of the old slate is then set in place and held in place by one nail inserted in the course above through the vertical joint between the slate and approximately one inch below the tail of the slate in two directions above. Give us a call when you need repair, maintenance, or installation of a slate roof for your house or commercial property.


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